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Information Technology is the key enabler to improving customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies and by extension, profitability. With advances in technology and its impact on today’s business models, companies are increasingly pushing the boundaries to remain competitive.

Nowiles Technologies offers several value added technology services to infrastructure services help clients take full advantage of their existing investments and line-of-business applications. By providing a combination of onsite consultants and off-site engineers who work as a single unit Nowiles is able to deliver best of breed solutions in providing cutting edge solutions on various platforms. Our Technical services team has implemented multiple projects in the areas of Business Intelligence, Collonoration, Enterprise Resource planning, Customer Relationship management, Infrastructure and Application Development.

Milestone approaches Managed IT Services as a way to bridge the gap between people and technology. We have a passion for problem solving, and we believe that managed services can simplify the way people use technology. In turn, employees can focus on their core competencies and work on projects that they are passionate about. Our managed services reduce costs, increase efficiency, and allow enterprises to use technology as it is meant to be used—as a tool for innovation. Hence we are the best Managed Service Providers in the market

With technologies constantly evolving, it is critical to align business strategy with well-crafted application development and maintenance strategies. We provide robust, cutting-edge software development, and has been a leader in providing high quality IT professionals to help our clients meet the most challenging deadlines comfortably. We also offer our clients completely managed end-to-end application development and ongoing maintenance solutions at both enterprise and entrepreneurial levels.  Versed in the most up-to-date, current technologies with optimized development methodologies and life-cycles, our highly experienced and skilled professionals have helped our clients take stock of the various legacy applications, create a Buy vs. Build decision matrix, consolidate IT programs and re-evaluate maintenance programs to ensure the most optimal, efficient and cost-effective release cycles.

We offer turnkey solutions for IT systems including Appplication Development, Quality Engineering, Professional Services, Managed IT Services and IT Infrascructure Management Services to help organizations establish a robust foundation for an integrated and scalable IT environment.


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